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Banjara Needle Crafts

Banjaras or the Gypsies are important tribes of Telangana. Banjara Needle Crafts are some of the traditional handmade fabrics made by Banjaras in Telangana.

They contribute to the rich arts and crafts of the state in the form of embroidery and mirror work on fabrics. These colourful works can be easily found in most of the wardrobes in India. These tribes make use of their skill in needlecraft to create incredible designs on clothes. One such form is the needlecraft, where simple needles, base fabrics, embroidery threads, and the craft-prowess of these nomads work together to create beautiful pieces of art. Pinks, oranges, blues, whites, yellows and other coloured fabrics, with contrasting multi coloured thread-work, in fine geometric patterns, and other motifs, apart from embellishments like cowries, tiny mirrors, beads and shells, result in the final ornate assemblage and exquisite beauty of Banjara needle craft. One of the main reasons these craft pieces are used widely for decorating homes is because of the exotic feel they bring to the decor, and the unique earthiness, which they effectuate.