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Nirmal Arts

Nirmal Arts Nirmal town of Adilabad district is known for its varied range of handicrafts. The amazing skill of the craftsmen make the works appear authentic with their dazzling use of colors accompanied with traditional techniques of creating masterpieces. Adding to the authenticity of the Nirmal works is the use of natural dyes.

Nirmal is world famous for oil paintings depicting themes from the epics such as Ramayana and Mahabharata. Exhibited in the form of wood paintings and other wooden articles, Nirmal artwork accompanies aesthetic expressions. The talent of the Nirmal artists in synthesizing Indian and Moghul schools of art is definitely worthy of admiration. The origin of the Nirmal craft is traced back to the Kakatiya era. The motifs used for Nirmal craft are floral designs and frescoes from the regions of Ajanta and Ellora and Mughal miniatures. In addition to wall hangings, Nirmal craftsmen create beautiful lacquered furniture, pictures, trays, toys, bowls, boxes and large screens.

A range of utilitarian and decorative articles are also made using Nirmal style. Nirmal toys consists of an herbal extract, which imparts them a golden sheen. Nirmal toys are embellished with rich and exclusive oil colours.