Divine Destinations

Peddamma Temple

One of the most revered temples of Hyderabad is the Peddamma Temple in Jubilee Hills. There is no clear evidence on when the temple was established, but people consider that it has been here since 150 years. Earlier, it was a small temple but in the year 1993, it gained immense popularity and the Rajagopuram was constructed. The temple witnesses hundreds of devotees pouring in everyday to seek the blessings of Amma. The Peddamma Temple is quite popular in the twin cities, next only to Ujjaini Mahakali Gudi of Secunderabad. The temple is dedicated to Ammavaru who is seen as the mother and people coming to this temple believe that the Goddess is their saviour. The Telangana festival Bonalu is celebrated once in a year, but at this temple, the Bonalu utsavam is celebrated every Sunday. Besides the common people, scores of VIPs, politicians and industrialists visit this temple to offer prayers to the Amma.

According to the legend, Lord Shiva, the supreme ascetic, when disturbed by the hostility opened his third eye, which led to the unleashing of fire of doom. Even this couldn't arrest Mahishasura's march. At that moment, a bright stream of lightning dazzled from the mouths of the creator Brahma, in the form of Goddess Brahmi. Simultaneously, the powers of all the other gods became taking one female form as Mahishasura Mardini, Durga, who killed Mahishasura with her bare hands. The temple is located close to the main road on Jubilee Hills Road No. 55 on the main thoroughfare from Jubilee Hills check post to Hi-tech city.