Divine Destinations

Sri Ketaki Sangameswara Swamy Temple

Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy is one of the old Shiva temples situated at Jharasangam village and Mandal, Medak district. It is said that the Shiva lingam was consecrated by "Lord Bramha ". The king of Surya Vamsha Raja Kupendra during "krutha yug" suffered from a skin disease which did not have a remedy back then. One day while in forest for hunting he reached Kethaki Vanam where he found a stream and washed his body, he was surprised to see his body cleansed and the same night Lord Shiva showed up in his dreams and asked him that he wanted the king to construct a sanatorium on the Shiva lingam. Raja Kupendra constructed a temple and dedicated it to Lord Shiva to show his gratitude. Pushkarni (holy pond) which came to be known as "astha theertha amrutha gundam" and is called as "Dakshina Kasi". Gundam pooja is performed by followers from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana due to its religious and historical importance and pay homage to the Lord Shiva. According to the Hindu Mythology it is beleivedthat Bramha came to this propitious spot for meditation after the creation of world. As the present linga was instilled by Bramha now the pooja's are being performed by Kethaki flowers (Kethaki flowers are generally not used for pooja's) and also the water of that stream which the king converted into pushkarni consisting of 8 theerthas (narayana, dharma rushi, varuna, soma, rudra, indira, and datha). Here Lord Shiva is called as Kethaki Sangameshwara.