Khammam Fort

Located at about 193 kms towards the east of Hyderabad is one of Telangana’s important districts, Khammam. The district is famous for coal reserves in the Telangana region at a region named Singareni. The beautiful town enjoys its habitat on the banks of the river Munneru, which is a tributary of the mighty river Krishna. This city also holds a lot of prominence in the history of the state. The city holds many significant places to visit. One such place is the famous Khammam Fort. The fort holds historical significance not just for the Khammam city, but also for the entire state of Andhra Pradesh.

The majestic fort stands as the pride of our past glories atop a hill. It is a beautifully woven flag of prosperity and is a true example of both bravery and a supreme blend of various styles of architecture. This unique marriage of different architectures stems from the fact the Khammam fort was built by rulers of different religions at diverse times. The fort was constructed in the 950s by the glorious Kakatiya rulers. The kings Velama and Musunuri Nayak were also involved in its construction. Later in 1531, the Qutub Shahi kings developed the Khammam Fort.