Alisagar Reservoir

If you have nothing to do on a holiday, and if you are clueless what to do, then get up, and steer your wheels towards Nizamabad. At a distance of about 13 km from the Nizamabad town, is the Alisagar Reservoir. This is the most famous picnic spot in the region of Nizamabad and people of all walks of life, especially kids would enjoy the most in this place. The colourful and beautiful garden near the reservoir was actually developed by the Nizam of Hyderabad, who ruled the city back then and now, the local irrigation department of the town is taking care and maintaining this garden. This garden is spread over a total area of 33 acres land and is very popular for its tree house, and a deer park and a flower garden which is loaded with variety of flowers.

Within this beautiful garden of Alisagar, is a small lake by the same name, and the authorities have recently introduced boating facilities for the visitors. With all these green things to see, Alisagar on the whole becomes a very beautiful location for picnickers. The irrigational department is taking care of the garden, as it is under the bund of Alisagar Tank. The lake in the garden also has a small island.