Koilsagar Dam

The Koilsagar Dam is located in Koilsagar Village of the Deverakadra Mandal in the Mahabubnagar District of Telangana. Swelling with water, the Koilsagar Dam is one of the most preferred tourist attractions of Mahabubnagar.

The Koilsagar Dam is a medium sized irrigation project which was constructed at a cost of Rs 80 crores during the glorious period of the Nizams during 1945-48. The British rulers had proposed the idea of constructing a dam to collect and store the excess water in region at the catchment area of the River Krishna for irrigation purposes. The first stone of foundation for the project was laid in the year 1947 soon after the country got Independence. The Koilsagar Dam’s construction was completed in 1954 and it was inaugurated by the honourable Agricultural Minister of India, Shri K. M. Kharju.

This project is located at about 12 Kilometers from Devarakadra Mandal headquarters between the districts Mahaboobnagar and Raichur. The Koilsagar project was constructed to serve the irrigation needs up to about 12 thousand acres. This dam can be called a beauty with a purpose, as it is constructed in a very picturesque location in between two mountains on the Peddavagu River. Near the project is a beautiful guest house which opens up to a beautiful view of the project.

The Koilsagar Dam, which is about 8 kilometers from the Koil konda village, stretches its power across the Peddavagu River, which is a minor tributary of the River Krishna. We can find some elegantly curved hills on the western stretch, making it a perfect tourist spot.