Lumbini Park

A major attraction on the Tank Bund Road Hussain Sagar Lake is the Lumbini Park. It boasts of all activities, funny and adventurous to lure kids and young adults. It has several food joints, boating facilities and amenities for the children to play around. The musical fountain has two shows per day (7.15pm and 8pm), is an added attraction, which entices more visitors and tourists. This wonderful entertainment park located on the shores of Hussain Sagar Lake has a perfect landscaping which is a visual treat. The synchronized water fountain and floral clock are major attractions while Lumbini Park jetty is the spot where tourists can enjoy the tourism department’s boating facilities. The boats ply from this spot and tourists can enjoy boat rides by paying prescribed amount at the counter.

Lumbini Park is a beautiful park of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and is conceived as an important part of the Buddha Poornima project that the Hyderabad Urban Development Authority notified in 1994. Revelers consider it as an ideal place for relaxation and amusement. The park is named after the garden, which marks the birthplace of Siddharth, who later becomes Gautham Buddha. It is very popular with kids and families looking to spend an evening away from the noisy corridors of city. The park’s major attractions are colorful floral clock, waterfalls and fountains. The entertaining musical fountain and water cascade are popular with visitors. The fountains swirl to the tunes of popular songs from Hindi and Telugu films. The park is closed every Monday.