Mallaram Forest

Mallaram forest is situated at a distance of 8 kilometers to the south-west of Nizamabad town. The forest is now getting a facelift as an Eco-tourism destination. Here the forest department has provided seating arrangements for tourists overlooking the Mallaram cheruvu. Ensconced in idyllic surroundings it is considered as perfect place for eco-tourism. The major attractions are forest treks, a pagoda and a tower which serves as a view point tower. The forest boasts of 1.45 billion years old rock that pulls you into lap of nature.

Tourists rate it as a perfect place for adventure tourism and fun filled picnics. It is a complete woody and dense forest, home to migratory birds and animals. The pristine surroundings, fresh air and chirping of birds, you may not ask for more! A perfect surrounding that rejuvenates your energies away from the hustle-bustle of urban lifestyle, it is a heritage structure that is conserved with care. According to geologists, the famous mushroom-shaped rock at Mallaram forest dates back 2000 million years ago which also has a rock pedestal that strikingly resembles the upper portion of a mushroom.