Wild Life

Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Pakhal Wildlife Sanctuary is a striking manmade lake, which was completed in the 1213 AD by the royal Kakatiyas. This beguiling sanctuary is spread over an area of 860 square kilometers. The place gets more interesting as this amazing plateau region is surrounded by a mesmerizing range of low hills. The environment of the sanctuary and the Pakhal Lake as an add-on form the most stunning sight ever. The flora consists of mixed forests, bamboo and teak forests.

The wildlife park’s natural scenic beauty and its breath taking landscape are extremely captivating. A visit to this promising spot would never disappoint you. The months of November to June are the best to visit this place.

Fauna :

Fauna found here include sambar, nilgai, sloth bear, Leopard, chowsingha (four-horned antelope), chital, chinkara (mountain gazelle), wild boar, blackbuck.