Wild Life

Shamirpet Deer Park

Shamirpet Deer Park, located in Bolaram Cantonment of Hyderabad, is about 24kms away from the city. The park stretches over a vast area of 54 acres with deciduous forest giving shelter to a wide array of animals. Famous as the home to the Blackbuck and the Chital deer, several other species of deer can also be seen in their natural habitat. The serene Shamirpet lake and the thick vegetation around the park makes it a charming picnic spot

Towering trees, different hued flowers growing and wild, a cobalt blue lake is what meets your eye once you enter the vicinity of Shamirpet Deer Park . The national park lies 24 kilometers from Hyderabad. The Shamirpet lakes give a fresh lease of life to the area and its residing animals explaining why wildlife frequents this area during summer. Shamirpet Deer Park stretches over a vast area of deciduous forest which gives shelter to a wide array of animals.