Wild Life

Ujwala and Deer Parks

Ujwala Park located in Karimnagar District was created in 2001 near the Lower Manair Dam close to the outskirts of Karimnagar town. Today it has emerged as one of the famous tourist places in Karimnagar. It is situated near the NTR statue, at the entrance of Karimnagar town for those coming from Hyderabad and for tourists coming from Warangal it is located after Alugunoor Bridge.

Deer Park, also called as Rajeev Gandhi Deer Park is located on the outskirts of Karimnagar town close to the Lower Manair Dam. It is at a short distance from Ujwala Park built on a 30-acre land. It is situated at the entrance of Karimnagar town for tourists coming from Hyderabad and while those coming from Warangal can locate it after the Alugunoor Bridge. These parks have become popular destinations on the tourist circuit of North Telangana and particularly Karimnagar region.